Recognition of foreign diplomas in The Netherlands

Read the information for pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and technicians with a non-Dutch diploma who wish to work in The Netherlands.

The pharmacy profession is regulated in The Netherlands. This means that access to this profession is regulated by law. Therefore, pharmacists with a non-Dutch diploma who wish to work in The Netherlands as a pharmacist need the approval of the Dutch authorities.

This website outlines which steps you must undertake in order to be allowed to practise a regulated profession in The Netherlands. Follow the links in They will lead you to the address of the Dutch authority to which you should apply. Pharmacy assistants and technicians follow the same steps.

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Application for specialism

Do you have a legally recognised specialism in addition to your diploma as pharmacist, doctor, health psychologist, dentist or nurse? If so, you can apply simultaneously for recognition of your basic profession and your specialism in the BIG-register.

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Teaching programs

In The Netherlands the University of Groningen, the University of Utrecht and the University of Leiden offer teaching programs for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

University of Groningen

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University of Utrecht

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University of Leiden

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For an overview of the various educational institutes for pharmacy assistants see

Hospital pharmacists

In The Netherlands hospital pharmacy is a recognised specialisation. Hospital pharmacists with a non-Dutch diploma should, after receiving their recognition as a pharmacist by the Dutch authorities contact the Specialists Registration Committee of the Royal Dutch Pharmaceutical Society (KNMP) for recognition as a hospital pharmacist.

More information in Dutch: Circulaire Vakbekwaamheid buitenslands gediplomeerden

Deze circulaire bevat bekendmaking van beleid van de Minister van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (VWS) met betrekking tot de behandeling van aanvragen voor verklaringen omtrent de vakbekwaamheid van buitenslands gediplomeerden in de individuele gezondheidzorg.

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