The G-Standaard: the medicines standard in healthcare

The G-Standaard is the Dutch drug database, which is used by all parties in healthcare, including physicians, pharmacists, whole salers, manufacturers, health insurers and the government.

The G-Standaard supports the different processes in healthcare, like prescription, dispensing, ordering, reimbursement and decision support.

Content of the G-Standaard

The G-Standaard contains all the products that are dispensed by or used in the pharmacy:

  • licensed medicines
  • unlicensed medicines (e.g. raw materials and compounding preparations)
  • vitamins and other nutritional products
  • homoeopathic products
  • medical devices

For all medicines, the database contains information to support the logistic process in healthcare.
For the (un)licensed medicines, the database also contains a structured drug terminology and information for safety assessment decision support. Decision support is linked to the drugs and integrated in the process of prescribing and dispensing. Click here for more information about the drug terminology and decision support.


The G-Standaard is monthly issued by Z-Index, an organisation that is owned by the Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy. The G-Standaard is sent to softwarecompanies, who integrate the database in the automated systems of the physicians and (hospital and community) pharmacists.


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