Pharmacogenetics (or pharmacogenomics) is the study of genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways which can affect individual responses to drugs, both in terms of therapeutic effect as well as side effects. In the Netherlands pharmacists can request the available pharmacogenetic data if the patient has given consent.

The recommendations per gene-drug combination can be interpreted by the healthcare professional to adjust the dose or select an alternative drug.


In the Netherlands the pharmacogenetic recommendation text is incorporated in the G-Standaard and can be used during prescribing and dispensing. For healthcare professionals outside the Netherlands, we provide the short recommendation text and literature list below. This file is updated after every meeting of the Dutch Pharmacogenetic Working Group of the KNMP. 

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Background information enzymes

For every enzyme (gene) general background information is available. In this document you can find information about pharmacogenetics in general and information about the variants of the specific enzyme.

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