About KNMP

The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie, KNMP) is the umbrella organisation for both professional pharmacists and the pharmacy in general.

It promotes the interests of its members and the interests of the pharmaceutical sector in general. 

Ever since its foundation in 1842 the KNMP has assisted pharmacists in the daily practice of their profession and its management, and it contributes to maintaining quality in the pharmaceutical sector. The KNMP formulates a perception of the profession, strives for excellent pharmaceutical care for patients and the provision of drugs, and stimulates the scientific practice of the pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands.

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  • In the 'View of the future - pharmaceutical patient care 2020' the members of the KNMP express their mission, vision and ambitions under the motto 'Working together on professional and personalized pharmaceutical patient care'. Watch the animation 'Your pharmacist in 2020' for a synopsis of the view of the future for 2020 of the KNMP members.
  • Annually the Dutch Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics (SFK) publishes Facts and Figures: A brochure which presents the most complete overview of the development in medicinal use in the Netherlands, obtained through a panel of pharmacists, representing 92% of the community pharmacies.
  • In the Charter Professionalism of the Pharmacist Dutch pharmacists have laid down the foundation for acting professionally and ethically.
  • The KNMP supports prescription, dispensing, ordering, reimbursement and decisionsupport with the G-Standaard, a Dutch Drug Database, which is used by all parties in healthcare, including physicians, pharmacists, whole salers, manufacturers, health insurers and the government.
  • In 2012 the KNMP renewed the advanced education programme for the profession of specialist community pharmacist. The education programme was originally introduced in 1995. The Pharmacist Competency Framework & Domain-specific Frame of Reference was added in 2016 and describes the current status of pharmacy in the Netherlands and specifies required learning outcomes for pharmacists graduating from universities in the Netherlands.
  • The pharmacy profession is regulated in The Netherlands. Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and technicians with a non-Dutch diploma who wish to work in The Netherlands need recognition of their diploma's.
  • The KNMP has several special interest groups (SIGs). One of them is the SIG International in which pharmacists and staff members of the KNMP with interest in and knowledge of international pharmaceutical topics meet. If you have a question please contact the SIG International via: .


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